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Management of Risk & Policies

Risk Matrix

The Board of Trustees retains overall responsibility for risk management. It maintains a risk assessment document which was created with the senior management team and other staff of the charity.  This document is reviewed monthly by the senior management team and any changes in assessment are reported to the next RAG sub-committee meeting. The Board of Trustees reviews the entire document twice a year, to assess risks and to verify that the stated actions to mitigate the risks have been carried out.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are also undertaken by staff prior to any activity or programme being carried out.

Trustee Policies

In addition to the detailed documents setting out the role and responsibilities of trustees, the charity maintains a ‘Register of Interests’ for all its trustees and senior management team. This document is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and also by the auditors. It can be viewed by prior arrangement at the charity’s registered office. In addition to the enhanced DBS check carried out when a trustee first joins the board, there is an annual questionnaire that must be completed to reassess the continuing suitability of all trustees. The matters covered in this questionnaire has also been approved by the auditors.

Many of the charity’s policies including safeguarding apply to trustees as well as the other staff. In addition, there are policies that apply specifically to trustees, namely the trustee ‘Conflicts of Interest Policy’ and the ‘Trustee Expenses Policy’.

Our Policies

In addition to the trustee specific policies and documents above, the charity has detailed policies that apply to all staff and trustees on a broad range of issues including the following:

All staff and trustees have access to these policies through the charity’s secure drive platform and anyone can review these polices with senior management at any point.

In accordance with the Whistleblowing Policy if a stakeholder needs to contact the trustees they should do so by emailing the Chair Vicky Lowe.

TCF Representatives Code of Conduct 
There is a detailed Code of Conduct setting out how all TCF representatives, including all staff, volunteers and trustees should conduct themselves. 

Privacy and Data Protection

The Change Foundation regards the protection and respect of personal information as crucial. A copy of our Data Protection Policy can be viewed here.

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