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The Change Foundation impact measurement strategy has been developed together with our Coach Mentors and young people.

We continuously strive to meet the needs of vulnerable young people and utilise their success to improve our programmes and our coaches delivery.

Our Theory of Change

The Need

We work with marginalised, vulnerable and under supported young people that need our support the most.


The Solutions

We create responsive, inclusive and innovative methods to support these young people.


The Change

Young people demonstrate a clear and sustainable change having experienced the positive impact of our programme and our coaches.


The Impact

Young people will be better prepared to lead fulfilling lives that exercise their full potential. This benefits both themselves and their local community.

Our Impact Principles

The Change Foundation’s approach to impact measurement is based on the following principles…

Our Impact Methodology

We use a mixed methodology to measure the impact of our work.

Basic information – We use an information management system to upload the individual profile of each young person we work with. This captures basic demographical data.

Self-reflection – We use creative journey tracking tools designed by our Coach Mentors and young people to measure the progress of our young people whilst they are on a programme.

Coach observations – We use coach observation checklists at the beginning and end of a programme. This provides a baseline measurement against an end of programme assessment for each young person.

External perspective – We seek to gain external feedback for each of our programmes. This can be through independent evaluation, stakeholder evaluation and/or family, employer, teacher and friends feedback.

Alumni offer – Each graduate of a The Change Foundation programme is invited to become part of our alumni programme. This allows them to continue to gain support and opportunities and enables us to track their progress beyond their initial programme engagement.

Young Ambassadors – We recruit a group of young people that give back to the charity by adding their skills and experience to find new and innovative ways to create change through sport. Young Ambassadors take on individual roles that improve the charity’s strategy and programmes for the benefit of future young people


Our Insight

We have spent over four decades improving our programmes by listening to the voices of our young people. 

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