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The Change Foundation is an award-winning charity that uses sport to change the lives of marginalised young people. Since our founding in 1981 our 40-year history has seen us work with over 250,000 young people through sport development programmes.


Vicky Lowe – Chair
Asha Haji
Jaya Handa
Helen Webster
Rachel Billsbery-Grass
Steve Wootten
Daniel Drury


Daniel Drury

Trustee Governance

The Change Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees who are also directors of the charity. The board holds the charity in trust for current and future beneficiaries by acting in accordance with the principles set out in the document entitled ‘The Role of the Trustee Board’.  The trustee board is comprised of all elected trustees. The board elects one of the trustees to chair the Board of Trustees and the current Chair of the Board of Trustees is Vicky Lowe. The board also elects a Vice-Chair to support and be a sounding board for the Chair and to stand in for the Chair if and when required. Our Board of Trustees meets quarterly.

There is a detailed ‘Trustee Code of Conduct’ that all trustees must conduct themselves. There are also separate additional terms of reference for the Chair and Vice-Chair. The board regularly carries out audits of its skills, experience and diversity to inform trustee recruitment. When gaps are identified, a nominations sub-committee is established comprising of members of the trustee board to find, interview and recommend new trustees.  The nominations committee considers how best to attract a diverse pool of candidates. The Board of Trustees then considers the recommendations of the nominations sub-committee and elects new trustees once enhanced DBS checks have been carried out.

The trustee board is supported in its decision making by three sub-committees – Resources and Governance (RAG), Programme and Impact (PIC) and Fundraising and Marketing (FMC), all of which also meet quarterly in advance of the Board of Trustees meeting. There are governance documents which set out in detail what matters are reserved for the full board and that establish the terms of reference for each sub-committee The governance of the of the charity is vested in the trustee board which retains overall responsibility and provides strategic leadership in line with the Change Foundation’s aims and values. The sub-committees are authorised to consider in depth the matters designated in these documents as their areas of responsibility and report back to the board at the board meetings but it is the Board of Trustees that retains the final decision on the issues.

Each of the three sub-committees is made up of a number of trustees in accordance with their respective expertise and interests. However, any trustee can attend a sub-committee meeting even if they are not formally on the sub-committee in question, should they wish to do so. Members of the senior management team and from time to time appropriate experts attend the sub-committee meetings and trustee board meetings to provide their knowledge, input , expertise and experience to the trustees.  The board and the sub-committees also receive recommendations and regular presentations from the Young Ambassadors group, which is made up of current programme participants and programme graduates. This group is critical in tackling our goal of being at the cutting edge of the issues affecting young people and running programmes which are as effective as they can possibly be.

Governance Committees and Audit

The RAG (Resources and Governance) committee areas of responsibility are audit and governance of the Charity. The membership of the RAG committee comprises our Treasurer and three other trustees, all of who have relevant in-depth expertise, qualifications and experience in the fields of audit, accounting and finance and law.  The committee has responsibility for the engagement of our auditors, approving the terms of the auditor’s engagement, and signing off each year’s ‘Audit Planning Memorandum’.  Whilst having overall audit oversight the committee delegates to the charity’s management, the day-to-day financial management, controls and accountability, including the management of the annual audit process.

As part of each year-end process the committee inputs into, and reviews the charity’s ‘Annual Executive Report’ and financial statements prepared by management. It also receives and considers reports from the auditors, notably the audit planning memorandum and the audit findings report, ahead of approving the charity’s statutory accounts. The charity’s auditors attend two of the four RAG committee meetings each year to present and discuss the relevant reports in fulfilment of their terms of engagement.

How Is Our Charity Managed and Governed?

Programme and Impact Committee (PIC)
This committee is made up of Trustees, members of staff, Ambassadors and young people from our programmes and their role is to review our programme design, programme delivery and impact and evaluation strategy and make reports and recommendations to the charity’s Board of Trustees. PIC meets quarterly in advance of each Change Foundation board meeting.

Fundraising and Marketing Committee (FMC)
This committee is made up of Trustees, members of staff and Ambassadors and their role is to review our fundraising initiatives and our marketing and communications across the charity and make reports and recommendations to the charity’s Board of Trustees. FMC meets quarterly in advance of each Change Foundation board meeting.

Audit Management

Management of the annual audit process is delegated by the Board of Trustees to the RAG Committee, which in turn delegates it to management, and specifically to the Head of Finance.

Prior to each financial year-end, management has an audit planning meeting with the audit partner and manager. The meeting considers amongst others, significant developments and occurrences since the last audit and their financial/ reporting implications and the current financial status of the charity and its significant risks. The serves as basis for the two parties to scopes out that year’s audit framework. The resulting ‘Audit Planning Memorandum’ (APM) is presented to the RAG Committee at its May/June meeting each year for its approval ahead of the start of the audit fieldwork.

The Head of Finance oversees the two-week audit fieldwork by the auditors, at the end of which management and the audit managers convene for the ‘Audit Closing Meeting’. The ‘Audit Findings Report’ (AFR) is subsequently prepared by the auditors, detailing their key audit findings, recommendations and actions required for audit completion and sign off of the accounts. The auditor present their AFR to the RAG committee at its August/ September meeting.

Once all outstanding matters have been satisfactorily resolved, the financial statements are signed on behalf of the charity’s board by the Chair and the Treasurer, and is subsequently certified by the Audit Partner.

Our Ambassadors For Change

The Change Foundation Ambassadors are a group of individuals who help the charity in a variety of ways, including introducing us to new networks of supporters, sourcing charity of the year opportunities, identifying work placements and job opportunities for our young people and supporting fundraising events and challenge.

Catherine Barnett-Jafaar
Adam Chappell
Mike Richards
Trevor Brown
Matt Foster
Mrinal Madina
Annabelle Risdon
Nathan Robinson
Stuart Moore
Glenn Ballard
Tom Howard-vyse
Mike Tovey
Sophie Harrison
Bradley Scriven
Jon Sellins
Will Taborn
Emily Cooper
Terry Woods
Lucy Cox
Adam Hall
Iain Kennedy
Luke Littlewood
Charles Waud
Catherine Holt
Simon Mundie
Paul Wooton
Beverley Hill
Martha-Jayne Hooper
Michael Ferndale

Partnerships and Fundraising

We have a wide range of delivery partners and funding partners. Our delivery partners are organisations we work with in the planning, running and monitoring of our programmes and range from small, local youth groups to national charities and international NGO’s. Our funding partners are a wide range of organisations ranging from large companies, trusts, foundations and organisations who undertake a specialised or highly targeted fundraising initiative on our behalf, such as a school, trade body or sports club.

The money we raise to deliver our work comes from two broad categories; restricted funding and unrestricted funding. Restricted funding is secured for a particular purpose which is usually one of our programmes.  It must be spent on the project, programme or initiative it has been specifically raised for. Unrestricted funding can be used to fund any part of our charitable work and is usually raised through fundraising events and challenges or through general donations.

We also have a wide range of partnerships with organisations who offer work placements, internships or job opportunities to our young people and these partners are critical in supporting our young people into the start of their chosen career.

Registered office

Cricket for Change
Cricket Ground,
Plough Lane,
Surrey, SM6 8JQ

Tel 1: 020 8669 2177
Tel 2: 020 7025 0000

Registered Company Number

Company Ltd by Guarantee: 3039017

Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company 

Registered Charity:
Number 1: 1046047
Number 2: SC043569

HSBC Bank plc
The Helicon,
1 South Place,
London, EC2M 2UP

MHA MacIntyre Hudson
Sixth Floor,
2 London Wall Place,
London, EC2Y 5A

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