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Refugee Cricket Project

The Change Foundation Esports programme engages with vulnerable young people aged 16–25 who are at high risk of developing poor mental health, severe loneliness and involvement in crime and violence.

Using gaming, mentoring and career development opportunities through the Esports industry, this programme provides…

  • Weekly Esports gaming sessions and competitions using safe video games that align with the aims and objectives of our charity
  • Esports Coach Mentors with lived experience that facilitate sessions and competitions and provide online mentoring
  • Esports career development opportunities with guided support including applications, interviews and job searches
  • Incentives for young people such as gaming hardware, subscriptions and games

The Change Foundation Esports programme helps young people to feel more comfortable talking openly in a relaxed environment. It promotes teamwork, communication, strategy, decision making and discussion.

For more information, please contact Ross Defoe.

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