Street Elite Graduates Launch Independent Sports Project

In our line of work, we are frequently exposed to inspiring stories of young people who are actively going out and making a positive change within their communities.

Recently, one story in particular has caught our attention and we are incredibly excited to be able to share it with you.

Two graduates from this years Street Elite programme; Ahmed and Abdullah have recently launched Right Path, a Southall based sports project that provides young people in West-London with free access to sports equipment, sports opportunities and away days.

Just a few of the sports already available to the young people attending Right Path sports sessions include badminton, football, and rock climbing.

Having established the project together, Ahmed and Abdullah have already recruited 50 young people from their local mosque and local schools by actively approaching the young people and communicating with them via the WhatsApp messenger app.

They have since started a Go fund me page so that they can better accommodate the growing population of young people attending their sports events held every Sunday. So far, this project has been successful due to personal investment from them both.

Abdullah shared: “All of the finances have come from our personal savings, and we’re hoping to gather funding to keep this project going. We would be forever grateful for every person who assists us.”

Prior to the launch of their Go Fund me page, they have been using their own personal savings to get the initiative going and provide the young people they support with life changing opportunities.

One recent instance saw Ahmed and Abdullah take three talented young footballers they noticed in their sessions along to a football trial at Kent Academy where the young people were seen by scouts. Incredibly one of the young people was recruited.

The long-term goal of Ahmed and Abdullah hopes to see Right Path become a registered charity. Our team of Coach Mentors are hoping to continue to offer support and guidance to them both to ensure this project is successful.

Ahmed shared: ‘Thanks to Coach Mentors like Ross and Dean, we have a vision and have found our path and we really look forward to seeing where the future of takes us.”

He added: “Every child deserves a childhood, and I intend to continue to provide these youngsters with opportunities.”

We are all incredibly proud of both of them and look forward to seeing this project develop in the future.

Please visit and donate to the Right Path Crowdfunder page here.

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