Ukraine Refugee Sports Project Outreach Continues

This month we saw an incredible influx of support and funding for our Ukraine Refugee Sports Project. The incredible generosity of donors and fundraisers allowed us to send another delivery team out to Przemysl, Poland to support the Ukrainian refugee’s fleeing across the border.

With each visit to Przemysl, the conditions around the refugee camp change, meaning our Coach Mentors must be prepared to adapt to any situation they are faced with. As a result, on this trip our team offered their support to a children’s outdoor sports area that has established itself in the field where we ran our first sports delivery session just over a month ago.

Our incredible team of Coach Mentors took over the responsibility of the children’s area for two days, supporting over 90 young people aged 2-18 and their families. For many carers, this was the first opportunity to organise visas or have a moment of rest to themselves as husbands and fathers are still unable to cross the border out of Ukraine unless…

– They are aged 60 and above
– They have a child with a disability
– They have 2+ children
– They are the sole guardian of their children
– They are medically exempt from joining the Ukrainian army

As well as running sports camps in Przemysl, our charity is looking to extend the outreach of the ‘Ukraine Refugee Sports Project’ to other areas of Europe as well as villages in the South-East of England. Here we hope to provide summer long sports camps for Ukrainian children now living with British families, in the hope that it will connect Ukrainian families as they adapt to their new lives in the UK.

Our Director Navjeet Sira has kindly shared her diary entry from the previous Ukraine trip. Make sure you read it HERE.

To hear more information about the Ukraine Refugee Sports Project please contact our CEO Andy Sellins at: .

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