Golf 4 Change in partnership with LIV Golf

Last month we launched an exciting new programme in three London boroughs. Using golf, The Golf 4 Change programme equips young people aged 18-25 with employment skills needed to secure long-term work opportunities.

In partnership with LIV Golf, the programme promotes character development in addition to improving golf skills.

Golf 4 Change has been designed to engage with some of London’s most at-risk young adults. We currently deliver the programme to three cohorts and will engage with 1000 young Londoners this year.

Our current cohort breakdown includes:

Croydon– Supports refugees
Lambeth – Provides young people with access to golf facilities
Hammersmith and Fulham – Supports young people at risk of gang or street violence

Daniel Lineker is the Programme Manager. Since launching the programme pilot last year, Dan has continued to oversee the growth and success of the programme.

He shared: “It’s been great to hear young people who have never picked up a golf club ask to come back on the weekend after just one session.”

He added: “Everyone is eager to learn golf as a discipline and partnering with LIV Golf has opened new opportunities for young people across London.”

We look forward to working together with LIV Golf to bring Golf 4 Change to more communities in 2024.

On a final note from Dan, he shared: “Golf serves as an excellent platform for developing essential life skills beyond just golfing proficiency.’

“By emphasising values such as respect, punctuality, teamwork, and problem-solving, we look forward to supporting young individuals in securing meaningful full-time employment opportunities.”

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