Young Ambassadors 2023/24

The Young Ambassadors 2023-2024 has now come to an end, as a celebration in completing their time as young ambassadors they were awarded a day out to NQ64 and a meal.

On behalf of the young ambassadors, they would like to thank the team on inviting them in, teaching them more about the charity and the work we do and having the amazing opportunity to attend sessions and events. Young Ambassador Jonny expressed that being able to come out of his comfort zone through training that he had from Theo he has been able to speak to new people which he can use in his day-to-day life.

Young Ambassador Sajidia said “I would like to say that I’ve had a learning, different experience meeting you, shadowing each of you as staff/mentors and I have a-lot that I can take away… It was special and Yvette, you’re famous, people I know, knows you and has praised how welcoming and understanding you are.

I can say I’m very proud to call you my mentor as you have helped and been here in my hard times and checked in with me at my lowest when I knew not how to reach out for help or support.

Thank you to Shedaine, Daniel M, Rhianna, Anna, Yvette and all of The Change Foundation for all that you have done and tried to shape us into.”

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