Training for fencing

In a targeted effort to empower more young people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through sport, The Change Foundation recently hosted an intensive two-day training session at our HQ.

Delivered by British Fencing, the training equipped six members of our coaching team with essential fencing techniques needed to coach on our Fencing 4 Change programme such as guard positioning and prioritising safety during play.

The Fencing 4 Change programme has experienced significant growth, starting with a pilot in four London schools in May 2021 before officially launching in September 2023. This expansion has been made possible through the generous funding and support of St James Place and City Bridge Trust.

Daniel Mynott is the Programme Manager for Fencing 4 Change.  He shared: “Thanks to the exceptional training from British Fencing, we now have a team of coaches ready to nurture and expand the programme.”

Looking forward, the programme sets ambitious goals, aiming to extend support to 12 schools by the end of 2024 this outreach and growth will allow our team to collaborate with more diverse groups of neurodiverse young people in the coming year.

Daniel added: “Everyone passed the assessment thanks to the great training from British Fencing and we now have a new set of coaches ready to grow and maintain the programme.”

The success of the training highlights the continued growth and potential of Fencing 4 Change. As the programme continues to flourish, it serves as a testament to the transformative power of sports in nurturing young people living with ASD and neurodiversity. Thank you to St James Place and City Bridge Trust for making the programme possible.

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