Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Every year, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD) is celebrated on the 3rd of December as a way of promoting equality for people with disabilities in all areas of society.

Our charity is proud to host a range of inclusive sports programmes that welcome and celebrate young people with mental and physical disabilities.

Whilst our Girls Win programme creates a safe place for young women to develop social skills and confidence, our award winning London Futures programmes provides young people with 1-1 coaching sessions, life skills training and education opportunities to support young people from the programme in to long term employment.

The theme for this year’s IDPWD is “Not All Disabilities are Visible.” Disabilities come in all shapes and forms, and it is important that attention and awareness is given to each one of them.

We understand that just because something is not visible, it does not mean that it’s not impactful and we are proud that our skilled team of Coach Mentors are able to adapt sessions and activities to accommodate young people that live with both visible and invisible disabilities.

We look forward to making our programmes even more inclusive in 2023, and can’t wait to amplify the voices of young people from our disability programmes as they share their stories of achievement and success in the new year!

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