Day 4 Diary: IWG World Conference on Women and Sport 2022.

Records show that over 1,700 people took part in the 8th IWG Conference. Despite COVID-19 setbacks, time differences, language barriers and flight delays the event was a phenomenal success.

Words of change, opportunity and inspiration were echoed throughout hundreds of conversations over the four magical days, and our team were proud to contribute to them.

Though our team may argue why different events from the conference were their favourites, the final day is one that sits as a mutual highlight.

To wrap up the conference, young people from across NZ took to the main stage where they captivated the audience with their own inspiring stories around self-identity and overcoming the barriers that marginalised women face in sports.

Each young person received a standing ovation; a testament to the powerful impact their words had on everyone that had the privilege to be listening.

After the young people finished their presentations, our team were invited up to the stage to deliver an interactive dance activity that represented how “one small movement can create a big change”.

The dance united everyone in the audience together, and our team successfully got the 800 people in the conference chamber moving in synchronisation, having fun and laughing together before they made the journey back home… wherever in the world that may be.

You will be able to see the dance in the IWG Conference film we have in production. Keep an eye out for it when it’s released in the coming weeks!

It is so exciting that the 9th IWG Conference will be hosted in Birmingham and we look forward to welcoming our new friends to the UK in three short years time. Until then we look forward to bringing more equality and inclusion to women and girls in sports.

Thank you to everyone that made IWG 2022 the triumph that it was, see you all in 2026!

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