Day 3 Diary: IWG World Conference on Women and Sport 2022.

In Māori culture, when you’re invited in to a marae (a Māori equivalent of a church) you’re accepted as part of a community.

A marae is the Māori equivalent of a church but instead of paying your respects to an alter, you pay homage to wooden pillars carved into the shapes of ancestors through songs and storytelling.

As part of the day 3 celebrations, our team were invited into a local marae, alongside 26 other people that had travelling in from across the world.

The intimate experience reminded our team that regardless of where you’re from and what language you speak there is always a community with open arms, ready to welcome you.

Inspired by their experience, in the afternoon our team divided themselves into european, international and youth led break out workshops.

Each workshop offered a unique opportunity for our team to connect with like minded women’s sports networks where they could form relationships that can support our ongoing projects and inspire new journeys in the sports for development sector.

Each of our team made lasting connections in the workshops that we hope will develop in the lead up to the 2026 IWG conference in the UK.

Everyone left the third day of the conference inspired, connected and exhilarated with the conversations and experiences that took place throughout the day.

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