Day 2 Diary: IWG World Conference on Women and Sport 2022.

Some achievements hold a special place in our charity’s history. Day 2 at the IWG Women and Sport Conference will forever be one of them.

After months of hard work and preparation our team launched our ‘Change the Game not the Girl’ campaign to a global audience at a TCF workshop event.

Eager to make the campaign successful, our team had spent two days prior to the workshop inviting as many new faces along as possible. Little did everyone know that each invitee would come along with their friends and colleagues and make the event a Day 2 highlight.

20 minutes before the presentation started the conference room reached full capacity, causing people to pull open the doors at the back of the room to give the 130 people in the attendance a full view of the presentation.

The workshop showcased three games; Moody Pitch, Snack Attack and Body Con. Using the topics of mood swings, food cravings and body confidence our team exemplified how sport is a tool for inclusion and education for young women and girls.

A guest of honour in the audience was HRH Prince Faisal of Jordan who was fearlessly invited along to the workshop by our Coach Mentor Shedaine that morning (we made sure he got a special seat with the best view).

The workshop unlike many others at the conference, focused itself towards educating people on ways they can engage with young women and girls who are not involved in sports rather than those who are already engaged.

Feedback in the following hours would highlight how valued this focus was and how sports organisations across the world want access to more resources that support women and girls into grassroots sports.

To round things off everyone came together for a celebratory dance… make sure you watch it! The full recording of the session will be released in the coming weeks and you can sign up to receive the ‘Change the Game not the Girl’ toolkit by emailing

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