#BreakingLimits with Rexona

In April this year, on the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace we joined local sport for social change organisations to co-launch the revolutionary Sure Breaking Limits Programme.

This week we saw the completion of the programme… and what an inspiring 9-months it’s been!

Led by Rexona (also known as Degree, Shield or to our UK family Sure), the collaborative programme promoted the delivery of inclusive sports activities to equip more young people with confidence and effective skills that help them to overcome barriers they might experience in life.

The Breaking Limits programme was made up of two modules:

1) Rexona Breaking Limits Training Series: An online sports coaching series sharing video content designed and filmed by experienced sport for social change organisations (including ourselves). The content allowed coaches and community leaders watching the footage to develop new coaching styles that empower young people and allow them overcome barriers in life such as mental and physical disabilities.

2) Partnerships with non-profit organisations: Following the online modules, Rexona continued to work with each of the sport for social change partners that created the online modules (including ourselves) to ensure the funding that was awarded at the beginning of the programme was effectively developing sports programmes and empowering more young people. We are proud to have successfully done this.

In recent weeks our Coach Mentors been busy initiating conversations with all of the young people that got involved in the Breaking Limits programme series. Each of their inspiring feedback has highlighted how beneficial this programme has been on each of their development and reminded us why collaborative projects between sport for social change organisations are one of the most effective tools for #BreakingLimits and break down social barriers.

Thank you to the Rexona team for this incredible opportunity!

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