Youth leadership in lockdown

The Change Foundation Young Ambassadors group have created and achieved multiple projects during lockdown ranging from securing a Peace First grant, a care package project for young people living in hostels, a crowd fundraising campaign, external research, and a presentation to our trustees.

The Young Ambassadors have used their lived experience, range of professional skills, and fundraising efforts to raise over £400 to support young families living in hostels during the COVID-19 pandemic. They met up for the first time after seven months of zoom meetings; to pack self-care bags that will be distributed to families in hostels during this second lockdown and offer aid to vulnerable people who are facing extreme isolation.

Each young person created an item that focuses on holistic wellbeing and draws from their personal experiences and areas of expertise. The items included in the self-care packages include:

  • Positive affirmation cards – Motivational quotes and messages written on cards to help lift the mood and try to adopt a growth mindset during times of adversity.
  • Mental health support information – Leaflets of how to get mental health support during and after their stay in the hostel and COVID-19 restrictions. Information includes names of organisations, what they do and how they can help, free helpline contact numbers, text services and websites. Organisations included specialise in family support, young people, and crisis services.
  • Recipe kit and ingredients – The kits include instructions as well as the ingredients needed to make the recipes meaning people would not need to leave home to purchase ingredients. themselves. The kits will provide individuals and families with the knowledge to cook nutritious and cost-effective meals.
  • Fitness guidebook – A guidebook containing bodyweight exercises that can be performed anywhere and adaptations to both simplify or challenge the individual further. The guidebook helps individuals to create their own work out plan and contains pages for note to write reflections.
  • Bracelet making activity pack – This pack encourages creative expression and the development of new skills through bracelet making. The pack includes materials and instructions to create a multi-coloured friendship bracelet with each strand representing someone important in their life.

If you would like to know more about our Young Ambassadors get in touch with Maddy Ford.

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