Welcoming New Coach Mentors to Our Team

This month three graduates from our Street Elite and Street Elite Academy programmes joined our charity as coach mentors.

The three graduates Olivia, Hamid and Jordan will be working alongside our experienced coach mentors to deliver our programmes whilst developing their own skills in communication, delivery and coaching.

Employing former programme graduates as coach mentors is an effective way for our charity to gain a better understanding of the developing issues that young people are facing.

Our annual impact reports have proven that programme participants develop trusting, supportive relationships with their coach mentors when they are known to share similar lived experiences.

Olivia became a coach mentor on our Generation STORM programme after she was recommended by our Women and Girls Programme Manager Shedaine.

Olivia shared: “My experience so far being a coach mentor has been wonderful. I never thought I would have the courage to speak out in front of a class and teach but this role has pushed me out my comfort zone and I’ve felt a huge change in myself.”

Working closely with Shedaine, Olivia has already made noticeable progress in her delivery skills.

Shedaine shared: “Olivia has been performing well within our Generation STORM programme and has developed her coaching skills massively, I look forward to seeing her progress over the next couple of months.”

Believing in young people and identifying their potential to become brilliant role models is something that has always made our programmes successful.

Our CEO Andy Sellins, is passionate about providing open work opportunities within our charity to young people from our programmes.

Andy shared: “Employing young people as coach mentors on our programmes helps us keep our thinking fresh and gives us the energy of a ‘start up’ even though we’ve been around since before they were born!”

He added: “We are always searching for the next generation of coach mentors who have the leadership skills and drive to make a difference and this can be through one of our leadership programmes, through becoming a Change Foundation Young Ambassador or through acting as a peer mentor.”

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