Welcoming A Familiar Face To Our Team Of Ambassadors

In 2015 a group of young people from our Generation STORM programme went the Houses of Parliament to deliver inspirational speeches on the importance of role model figures.

That day, Tracy Lomouga got on stage and delivered a powerful spoken word performance that called for more female role models and mentors in UK communities.

Six-years later, Tracy has returned to our charity as an Ambassador, following her successful career developments on the popular Channel 4 television programme “Language of Love” which has seen her gain over 10,000 followers on her Instagram platform.

Throughout the television series, Tracy has publicly overcome many challenges that young women on our programmes experience including confidence issues, stereotypes and building trusting relationships.

After understanding that she would be in a position to support our charity, Tracy contacted us to see how she could use her voice and her platform to benefit our charity.

Since then exciting developments have been put in motion that will soon see Tracy visit our programme sessions to speak with young women and girls.

At the sessions, Tracy will share her employability experiences, her coping mechanisms for dealing with negative social media experiences as well as answering any questions that the young women and girls may have for her.

Tracy shared: “Regardless of how long it’s taken me to get to where I am, I’ve still made it here and I want all the young women I speak with to know that even if it takes time your dreams are always achievable.”

Having worked as a Career Advisor for young people prior to starring on Language of Love, we are confident that Tracy will use her professional and personal experience to inspire all of the young women and girls that she speaks with.

Despite being incredibly busy with press interviews and social media campaigns, Tracy continues to work as a Career Advisor; Something that all of us at the Change Foundation greatly admire.

Tracy shared: “Young people everywhere should be reminded that you can always become the person others look up to. I want to inspire young people to come out of their shell, to be more confident and more importantly to be themselves.’

“Every season that passes is time you can’t get back so we have to all look forward, grasp opportunities and achieve our goals.”

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