Growing Self-confidence With The British Exploring Society

This month, young people from our Girls Win and London Futures programmes took part in an exciting workshop with the British Exploring Society. The British Exploring Society are a youth development charity providing life changing expeditions that equip young people with the courage, resilience, and determination to make the most of their future.   
We have previously sent young people from our programmes on their expeditions to the Scottish Highlands which proved to be life changing experience. The expedition workshop took our young people on an virtual journey to the Amazon rainforest where they learnt about what an expedition camp would be like, what they would need to pack in their kitbag and challenges they would need to problem solve during a real life an expedition.  
The young people also watched an inspirational video from a young person whose life had been transformed by taking part in one of the British Exploring Society’s expeditions. After watching the video many of the young people in the workshop felt encouraged to sign up to a future expedition. Read below to hear some feedback from the workshop.

Alyssa shared: “I really enjoyed doing the expedition workshop because you can gain a lot of skills and you can help to change the world. It was good to learn about the equipment we would need to bring and how we would use that on expedition, for example, the compass navigates where you would need to go”. 

Jack shared: “It is an experience I have very rarely done before but I have done the Duke of Edinburgh which was a couple of years ago but today was a very nice recap for going on an expedition”. 

Holly Burns, Senior Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator at The British Exploring Society who led the workshop shared: “We had a really great session, all the young people were really engaged and asked lots of great questions which was great to see. They were really excited about the expeditions and talking about potentially going on an expedition in the future to the Scottish Highlands. We are really looking forward to working with The Change Foundation in the future and hopefully get some more young people involved in more expedition workshops and in person expeditions both in the UK and overseas in 2023”. 

Ryan Jones, our Disability Programmes Manager shared: “As a charity, we are super excited to be working with the British Exploring Society and we are looking forward to supporting our young people to take part in their upcoming life changing expeditions. We would like to thank them for running a fantastic workshop for our young people”. 

To find out more information about our relationship and work with The British Exploring Society, as well as our Girls Win and London Futures programmes. Please contact Ryan Jones, our Disability Programmes Manager at   

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