Street Elite Employability Month Success

This month young people from across our Street Elite programme have experienced a series of employability workshops and mentoring sessions to prepare them for the next stage of development on their employability journey. Activities throughout May have allowed them to access a range of professional career networks and self-development opportunities. These activities included…
– A two-day workshop with My Bnk
My Bnk are a specialist organisation that educate young people on monetary management topics such as budgeting, household costs, managing income and understanding borrowing & scams. The workshop, hosted at the Harrow Club in Notting Hill, allowed our young people to develop an awareness of the positive impact that financial stability can have on their the futures.

– Exclusive karting event at TeamSport
Over 50 young males and females from across our London Street Elite programme experienced a private karting event at the TeamSport karting track in Mitcham, London. The young people received an exclusive presentation sharing the many work opportunities and benefits available to them if they join the TeamSport family. After the presentation, the young people took part in a kart racing tournament that was marshalled by three young employees who have already been through the employment process.

– Thames Kayaking Event Challenge
This was a vital networking event with London Sports Trust that educated the young people on ways they can engage with the London Sports Trust network, gain a qualification and become a sports coach in a range of sports such as tennis, cycling and boxing. The event was challenging as many young people hadn’t been on the water before. One young person shared: “I’ve never been on the water before, but with support from coaches like Ross I found the confidence to try a new experience, step out my comfort zone and try a new sport.”

– London Site Visits with Berkeley Group
Berkeley Foundation have been partners of our Street Elite programme for the decade that it’s been running.  The foundation is part of the Berkeley Group who have building development sites across the UK. Our young people were able to visit the incredible housing development sites at Ealing and Oval where multiple SE graduates are already employed as painters, decorators and site surveyors. The trip educated the young people about the demands of working on a Berkeley site, professionalism expectations and the importance of being part of a community in the Berkeley work place.

Having completed the ‘third phase’ of their Street Elite journey, our Coach Mentors will now support the young people with their work applications, and ensure they explore the many avenues of employment that have been established over the past four weeks.

Phase One –   Recruitment
Phase Two  – Recruitment training
Phase Three – SE Employability challenges
Phase Four – Festivals
Phase Five – Street Elite Active – Transition in to mentorship and  eat education training or employment

As we now move into festival period, each cohort will soon help to hold a sports day festival in either Lambeth or Ealing to give back to their communities.

Ross Defoe is our Community Programmes Manager. On a final note he shared: “Over the past four weeks, its been amazing to see all the SE cohorts to get together on this kind of scale, so big up the young people from trying new things and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.”

To hear more about Street Elite or how to get involved please contact Ross .

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