Self-care and happiness during Covid-19

Self-care is a hidden luxury that many of us take advantage of on a day to day basis. Cosmetic items and fresh food may be seen as a no-brainer during the weekly food shop, however many families living in hostels throughout the current global pandemic are unable to access these products due to circumstances beyond their control. This can place a strain on families as well as cause a feeling of extreme isolation and loneliness which can further deteriorate overall mental well-being.

Throughout this pandemic, our Young Ambassadors group have drawn on their own lived experience of living in hostels, suffering poor mental health, and lack of overall support to come together and pitch the idea of creating self-care packs to distribute to families and individuals living in hostels.

These self-care packs will include vital objects such as:

  • Positive affirmation cards
  • Mental health support information
  • Recipe kit and ingredients
  • Fitness guidebook
  • Critical thinking activities

Each item in the care package aims to promote self believe, belonging, skills development and improving health and well-being.

Our Young Ambassadors have been fundraising to distribute as many self-care packs as possible. This money will ensure that families and individuals living in hostels can begin the journey to better mental and physical well-being.

To read more and donate to our Young Ambassadors appeal, click here.

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