Black History Month – By Our Young People

Black History Month is a month where we celebrate black icons, legends and culture. A month where we see countless posts and thoughtful pieces celebrating figures such as Martin Luther-King, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and so many others. But what does Black History Month actually mean to young people at The Change Foundation?

In a world where inequality still exists, it can be hard growing up in a society where school education and the media do not teach us fully about black history, limiting young people’s sense of belonging and their aspirations. “We are told from young that we should aim for the stars and that we could be the next prime minister – but how can we aim for those stars if they don’t represent us?”

“Then each year in October, suddenly your peers and teachers are praising legends that sound, look and speak like you.” These same legends that may have faced similar struggles to you and defied all odds to become the person we famously know them as. We find out more about ourselves and our friends’ histories, of what has been achieved and suddenly aiming for the stars does not seem so far-fetched. For our young people, Black History Month is more than a celebration; it is a chance to truly discover and voice our opinions and reflections; it is a reminder of important history, a celebration of many successes and a look to the future of possibilities we can create. “The light within returns during Black History Month, especially during this remarkable year of Black Lives Matter.”

The Change Foundation, began in 1981 during the Brixton Riots, just as Britain adopted the concept of Black History Month from the US, and just like the pride our young people feel in celebrating Black History Month, we feel proud to support them and be part of their lives through the power of sport.

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