Run Up Talks: Motivational Messages, Four-Legged Fan Clubs and Overcoming Headphone Bans With Vicky Lowe

Vicky Lowe has been a dedicated Trustee of our charity since 2015. Ahead of her running the Berlin Marathon this weekend, we caught up with Vicky to hear how the training journey has been so far…

Hello Vicky! How has everything been going?
It was going really well up until the Commonwealth games. I caught Covid right after the games, which wiped me out for 10-days. Alongside my pre-existing knee injury, training has been a real challenge.

How have you been managing your injury?
Three key things… Sports massages, painkillers and lots of rest.

Is anything in particular helping to motivate you?
I’m running for TCF’s (The Change Foundation’s) ‘Change the Game not the Girl’ campaign, which educates sports coaches how to adapt sports and make them more inclusive for marginalised women and girls. TCF have always worked to give women and girls opportunities through sports, and it’s the main reason I became a Trustee. Also, as a former amateur rugby player, I know how hard it is to be a woman in some sports spaces, so anything we can do to change the environment around women and sports is hugely powerful. Running for this cause, is definitely motivating me.

Are you going to listen to a motivational playlist to help push you past “the wall”?
The Berlin Marathon has a headphone ban unfortunately , so I’m going to write motivational things on my arm to help me along the way. (Please feel free to share some messages if you’re reading this!)

Have you always been a runner?
I actually got into running as a teenager when I lived in New Jersey, USA. My twin sister and I ran cross country back then, and we’ve been running ever since.

Do you still run or train with your twin sister?
We trained and ran the New York marathon together back in 2013, but I tend to train on my own or do local Park Runs with my dog Brody now. Brody is still a young pup though, so after 10-miles he’s had enough.

Have you been following a training plan?
I was following a training plan for New York, but it’s gone out the window with my illness and injury so I’m trusting my body and letting my natural pace and running instincts to take over.

What would you say to someone thinking of completing a marathon?
Do it. Sign up and commit because you will always figure out a way of getting it done. Everyone has different targets and time goals so decide your own path and make it happen. 

One last questions from us… What does sport mean to you and how do you feel it impacts our society?
Sport is everything to me. It’s what I do for fun and work. I know it can have a huge impact on people’s lives. It’s what The Change Foundation does every day, and it’s amazing to be able to be a part of it together.

Good luck this weekend Vicky- We’re all rooting for you! Please DONATE to Vicky’s fundraiser and show your support.


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