Maximising Our Impact with TCF Training Week

Last week our team took part in an immersive training week. The five-day event engaged our team in a series of entertaining and innovative workshops that will allow our charity to support our young people even more effectively.

We are frequently seeking out new ways to improve and develop the ways we work with participants on our programmes. Hosting our TCF training week as an annual event, is one way we can ensure time is dedicated to improving and maximising our charity’s impact.

After taking part in a variety of morning exercise classes raging from HIIT workouts to yoga, our team would come together to experience a broad range of workshops. A few of the workshops included…

Advancing Impact – Studying how we record data and feedback from our young people. This will allow us to track areas of progress and improvement in our programmes more effectively.

Energisers and Ice Breakers – Exploring how we can effectively engage with young people at the start of a session.

History of Sport for Development – Learning where the foundation of our charity’s sector originated from.
Swimming Orientation – Understanding the fundamentals of water safety and drowning prevention. This training was hosted in a swimming pool in Hackney.

A-Z LGBTQ+ Inclusion with Mind Out – Better understanding pronouns, identify, mental health and how to support young people that are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Leadership with Michelle Moore (FRSA)– Learning about leadership, mindfulness and how to make a positive and lasting impact as a supportive leader/role model.

Debate Club – Testing skills in open-mindedness, articulating words and teamwork.

Thank you to all the facilitators that joined us throughout training week. We look forward to applying everything we learned from you into our programmes over the coming months!

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