Run Up Talks: Overcoming injury, planning playlists and completing bucket lists With Dan Hales

In the run up to the London Marathon 2022 we caught up with one of our runners, Dan as he makes his final preparations ahead of the big day!

There’s just three weeks to go, how’s your training going?
It was going really well until a couple of months ago when I suddenly got Plantar Fasciitis (severe heel pain) whilst doing a short run. It rendered me useless for seven weeks. I’ve finally got back to where I was before the injury thanks to physio and sports massages.

What made you choose to run the London Marathon?
It’s a bucket list tick off. I’m 51 now, and have I’ve only been running for three years by doing the odd 5K here and there, so it’s going to be a huge shock on the 2nd October!

How did you meet The Change Foundation?
Through this opportunity actually! I tried to find a running place through the ballot and didn’t get in. Fortunately, my brother works for a tech company called ‘United Business Group’ which is connected to TCF Ambassador Terry Woods. When I was offered a place, I knew I had to go for it.

Have you been listening to any music, podcasts or audiobooks to help you train?
I listen to absolute 80’s and it gets me barrelling along!

Any particular song that you hope to finish the final half-mile on?
Perhaps ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ by Tears for Fears… Or maybe I’ll let the fates on my shuffle pick for me. A lot of people say the crowds cheering is enough so we might see.

Will you have any family cheering for you on the day?
Yes! My brother, his wife, my wife and daughter will all be there. My daughter Megan, has been fantastic and helping me to reach my fundraising target by sharing my donation page on her social media.

How is your fundraising going?
So far I’m just over £500 and tinkering along, and I’ll be asking a few more people to support me over the next few weeks.

Are there any particular training hacks that you’ve been using?
I live in East Sussex and have a disused railway line with all the tracks removed near my house. It runs for 10-miles end to end and I’ve found running up and down that route is really effective way to measure my progress. I’ve definitely come to recognise every tree, stone and pothole off by heart.

What does sport mean to you and how do you feel it impacts our society?
I’m a huge football (Spurs), cricket and overall sports fan. Although I’ve mostly been an armchair sports person in the past, my training has reminded me of the physical impact that sport can have on all of us. I just think that it’s brilliant in making people feel fantastic; both mentally and physically.

What would you say to anyone thinking of trying to do a marathon?
Be patient with training and do what your body can achieve. I’m learning every run, don’t push it too much and trust your body. For now I can’t wait for the big day and just want it to be here now!

Good luck Dan!

Please support us and donate to Dan’s fundraiser here:

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