Working Together With The ‘Serious Youth Violence Steering Group’.

Pushing through the scorching July temperatures, a team of our coaches recently delivered an inspiring workshop on youth leadership. The workshop was part of a wider three-day workshop series being run collaboratively by the ‘Serious Youth Violence Steering Group’, to test a sport leadership curriculum under the brand of the Mayor of London.

The aims of the group aspire to deliver a dynamic leadership training programme, collaborate various organisation, improve confidence and competence within a group of young community leaders and prepare the young leaders to become advocates for raising awareness of serious youth crime in London.

The Serious Youth Violence Steering Group was created by Mayor of London Sports Unite Team. Our charity was honourably invited to join the group after being awarded funding towards our Street Elite programme. Other organisations that make up the consortium group include BADU Sports, Fight for Peace, E-Coach UK and Imperial College London.

Our coaches delivered a variety of inspiring leadership led sports activities to the 12 young people in attendance.  These activities include…

– Cricket – Creating strong teams.
– Tennis –   Receiving feedback and taking it on board.
– Netball – Stepping outside your comfort zone
– Football – Ethics and Inclusion – Developing a moral sense of principles and ethics to unite a team
  in disagreements.
– Handball – Welcoming new ideas in leadership.

The project piloted three different workshops by the three organisations over three days.

Day 1: ‘Personal leadership and Brand’ delivered by BADU.
Day 2: ‘Team Leadership’ delivered by us.
Day 3: ‘Peer Leadership’ delivered by the E-Coach UK training focusing on the theme of equality and diversity. This was followed by a SHARP programme workshop delivered by Imperial College as an approach to reducing and preventing knife violence.

It has been incredible for our charity to help co-design these projects alongside the other export organisations that make up the Youth Violence Leadership group. Grace has acted as our Project Administrator on this project.

She shared: “This programme has been unique in its design and composition as we collaborated with amazing organisations that have similar ethos’ and aims, but diverse ways of delivery. We got to learn from each other as organisations and merged our ideas to create something that has been impactful on an organisational scale but also for young people. I saw transformation and growth in young people in terms of mindset, and an increase in leadership capability and self-belief, and it was inspiring to watch. Considering this is only a pilot, it has been successful, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds if this will be transformed into a full programme.”

So what’s our final goal? To Support young leaders from communities in London into positions where they can advocate against youth crime in London.  We look forward to sharing more updates at a later date!

To hear more on this please contact Grace at: .

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