Ukraine Refugee Cricket Project – Easter Sports Camp

Last week our charity hosted our 7th Ukraine Refugee Sports Project camp, down in East Sussex with an array of 1 to 16 Year olds along with parents, who have come over from Ukraine, as well as some of their British friends who they have met in their time in the UK.

The URSP started up to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland to have a safe space for children to be children and gives their parents/Guardians space and peace of mind to organise the paperwork and other arrangements they need to move on as quickly and safely as possible. Then we created those same spaces here in the UK.

The camp ran over 2 days all of which was a mix of sports, crafts, activities and a free hot lunch.

Day 1 the children had fun with an array of sporting activities and craft making that was enjoyed throughout, on top of that we had the BBC come to cover the camp, so a big thank you to BBC News for covering the event! We will soon have the news coverage clip so keep an eye out for it!

Day 2 the children enjoyed some more set sports like NFL Flag Football/Balti County Flag Football and England Handball games. Also, as the camp was ran after Easter, we made use of that to make sure the children got to celebrate with chocolate eggs and an Easter egg in the sun before the rain encouraged everyone back indoors for dancing and craft-making, but even though the rain cancelled the outdoor fun, they equally enjoyed the indoors in the dry with lots of things to keep them busy.

The whole camp was a huge success, with new and familiar faces joining our delivery team in East Sussex filled with sports, games and craft-making.

A HUGE thank you to the incredible Clearwater International Corporate Finance volunteers who supported us over the two days. Clearwater has been a dedicated partner of this project since it launched in March last year.

As always, we are happy and proud of how well these camps are going and being able to help the Ukrainian Refugees here in the UK. A huge thank you to everyone who helped with the events as well as all who donated!

If you wish to donate to help us keep running these camps, please click the link below.


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