Supporting Street Elite With The ‘Goal Posts’ IPA

Our Street Elite programme has always been directed by its purpose of creating an environment where marginalised young people can receive the same opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, race or gender.

That’s why, when our programme partners Freestar created their limited edition IPA to support our Street Elite programme we couldn’t have been more excited.

The limited edition ‘Goal Posts’ IPA (0.5%) is alcohol and gluten free, with all proceeds made from sales directly supporting our Street Elite programme. Sales can be made online. Crafted in honour of the Women’s Euro 2022, the IPA encourages everyone that purchases the IPA to watch and take part in the women’s games and get behind the initiative to make women’s football a wider celebrated sport.

Although we’re just a few weeks into the Women’s Euro 2022, it’s already been a transformational time in the history of women’s football. For our young people, the inspirational athletes that have made up the 15 national teams in the Euro have already proven to be life-changing role models. Particularly with young players like Leah Williamson who has publicly excelled in her career since being signed by Arsenal in as a 2006.

Anna is our Communications Officer and shared: “When speaking to any of our coaches, it is visibly that the young people they support and their families have been completely absorbed in the excitement of the past few weeks.

Whilst the IPA has been flying off the shelves, we ask all of our supporters to please help spread the word about the product. Every penny raised will allow us to support more young people through the Street Elite programme.

Who knows… maybe your purchase could help us to inspire the next Beth Williamson.

For more information on the Street Elite programme please contact Ross Defoe.

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