Promoting New Opportunites With Our Innovation Fund

In 2017 our charity created the ‘Innovation Fund’. The Innovation Fund is an internal charity fund that facilitates, introduces and launches new pilot programmes and ideas that are in line with The Change Foundation’s values. It is fuelled by the great minds of not only our Ambassadors, staff and Trustees but also the young people from our various programmes, making it dynamic, diverse, and inclusive. It allows us to amplify the voices and ideas of any talented individual and supports us in transforming their thoughts and ideas into reality.

These are some of the great results of the Innovation Fund so far:


The Intergenerational Tennis programme commenced in 2020 and has served as a way for our charity to combat social issues around loneliness caused by the pandemic. The program works to unite the older generation and young people with disabilities. It benefits both parties as it reduces isolation and improves the mental and physical health of individuals as they engage in table tennis. Additionally, as participants interact and socialise, they develop reliable and supportive friendships and increased confidence. Since launching the programme it has become increasingly successfully allowing us to secure more funding to support a growing number of participants.


The pilot of this programme was first launched in 2016. It was created to provide a safe environment for rugby players living with visual impairment in the UK. It provides an opportunity for individuals would usually be unable to engage in rugby because of their disability to experience the many physical and mental benefits that rugby has to offer. Due to its success, it has since attracted funding of £172,000 and spread to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Wales and six cities in England. The programme has also developed two youth teams and new partnerships with organisations such as The Vision Foundation, World Rugby and three of the Rugby ‘Six Nations’ clubs.


As a response to recent events involving women and girls safety, young people from our charity took part in a group podcast recording to discuss their personal opinions on the social issue. In the discussion young men and women from our charity programmes discussed women’s safety and personal experiences that they have had or heard about. Using segments of audio from the recording, our charity is now working together with professional animators to create an informative and educational video that will highlight some of the experiences young people in our charity have experienced. Anna is our charity’s Communications Officer and has been supporting this project.
Anna shared: “The initial podcast recording was highly educational and informative for both the young males and females. We hope that the final animation film will raise further awareness of the mental, physical and emotional repercussions that people experience when they are the victims of violence.”

The full podcast episode will feature on our charity’s new podcast series ‘HEAR ME OUT’. Stay tuned for more news and updates in the following months.

Written by Grace Ekewuba.

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