Post covid kayaking for mental and physical health

Post Covid Kayaking for mental and physical health

Last month a team of kayakers from our charity took to the choppy waters of Brighton in a kayaking exercise. The exercise worked with young people from our London Futures programme to promote mental and physical wellbeing, teamwork and new post-lockdown friendships. In total, seven kayaks set off from between Brighton’s two piers for a 45-minute open-sea session with our CEO Andy Sellins leading the flotilla.

Our London Futures programme is aimed at young people with learning disabilities, who face social isolation and loneliness. By taking part in sports activities, the young people reduce anxiety, stress and develop key life skills. A primary aim of ours is to support a minimum of 80% of the young people in securing their first job.

Our Programme Manager Ryan Jones directed the day-out. Ryan’s dedication to the programme has created huge success within the development of young people on the programme.

Ryan shared: “This was a celebration to get our young people together after months of isolation. It was about giving them something to look forward to, building up their travel confidence and conquering new challenges.”

He added: “As well as being fun, they all had the new experience of being on the open-water… despite a few young people admitting they can’t swim, everyone rose to the occasion and mastered a new skill.”

Our Impact and Insight Officer Dan Mynott also joined in the challenge. Dan has been instrumental in using online gaming to connect our London Futures participants during the Covid-19.

Dan shared: “Online games and traditional sports have so much in common.”

He added: “Both need co-ordination, which is especially important within the autistic spectrum. It was great to see those who had known each other previously through e-sports finally come together in person.”

Following the success of this water sports activity, our coaches look forward to hosting more events that encourage young people from London Futures to push their boundaries and learn new skills.

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