Combating Conflict and Loneliness Through E-Sports

Earlier this month we hosted a successful E-Sports tournament in Notting Hill. Having created the E-Sports programme in the first lockdown to connect young people suffering from mental health and social isolation, we have seen the programme generate incredible results.

The Change Foundation Community Programmes Manager Ross shared: “The atmosphere when everyone plays together is electric, it’s a great way to get the young people from different backgrounds together at the same time.”

This particular tournament welcomed 11 young players from the programme who went head-to-head in a three-hour FIFA tournament.

Jesse is one of the E-Sports programme participants. As the only brother of four sisters, gaming is the only time Jesse has to himself when at home.

Jesse shared: “Gaming is the only time that I don’t have to worry or focus on anything or anyone else.”

Jesse is also part of our Street Elite programme. His attendance is a reminder of the programmes’ potential to connect young people from across London; even areas where conflict between postcodes exist.

Dan is the Impact and Insight Officer for our charity and also the head coach of the E-Sports programme.

He shared: “The flexibility of the E-Sports programme means it has the potential to bridge a variety of different people regardless of where they live or what their background is.”

As well as working towards recruiting more young people from various postcode districts in London, our coaches are dedicated to recruiting more young women.

Alison is currently the only young women on the programme, but she is determined to improve her gaming skills so that she can compete with her friends who are already on the programme.

She shared: “I want to learn how to game so I don’t feel so isolated when my friends play together every evening because at the moment I’m not able to join them.”

We hope to achieve a 50/50 ratio of males to females in the near future, and look forward to seeing the E-Sports programme connect a variety of young people from across London despite their initial differences.

For more information on the E-Sport programme and how to get involved please contact Dan at:

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