The Change Foundation Innovate with England Handball

This month The Change Foundation collaborated with England Handball to develop a new social impact programme. The programme will build on the rise of the game of handball, and increase its access in diverse communities. The evolving landscape of sport for development presents an opportunity for us to think differently, progress positively and approach a new audience of England Handball players. The Change Foundation will be working with England Handball to:

  • Create a handball social impact programme, targeting key outcomes of physical health, mental health, and inclusion.
  • Coordinate the creative development of adaptable, inclusive, engaging handball games that include key social impact messaging.
  • Provide knowledge, experience, and creativity about social impact programme development so that England Handball can explore all opportunities.

The Change Foundation are delighted to innovate with England Handball and this month the team took part in a creative workshop to develop inclusive and engaging handball games to begin to create a social change toolkit for handball. England Handball’s National Partnerships Manager, Stacey Andrews said:

“We’re excited to work with The Change Foundation and engage with more communities in the UK.

“Working together with The Change Foundation I’m confident that we can take this sport to new places.”

The Change Foundation’s Director of Design and Impact, Navjeet Sira said:

“Handball is such an inclusive game for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Its simple elements of throwing, catching and movement means we can evolve and adapt the sport and the rules to suit any community. We are so excited to create new coaching techniques with England Handball and launch a new community initiative that will improve so many lives.”

If you would like to work with The Change Foundation to develop innovative sport for social change initiatives, please contact Navjeet Sira Director of Design and Impact.


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