EARTH DAY 2022: Working Together to Make Make Our Future Greener

Every year on the 22nd April, communities around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day. As each year passes and pressures around climate change continue to grow, Earth Day is allocated a theme to focus attention on a particular target for the year ahead. 

The theme for this year? “Invest in Our Planet”.

‘Invest in Our Planet’ is a call to action for governments, businesses and individuals to invest in a brighter future for our planet, whether it’s making sustainable changes, investing time into education around green initiatives or implementing policies that reduce our own carbon footprint.

As a charity, we recognise that we could all be doing more to combat climate change. So, in January 2022 we launched our TCF ‘Green Action Plan’. A few initiatives in this plan currently include…

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our home cricket centre
  • Create more green spaces around our home cricket centre
  • Introduce a tree planting scheme to combat C02 emissions created within our charity
  • Encourage and challenge our partners, young people and team to complete green incentives

We recognise that our sports and mentorship programmes provide an excellent platform to initiate conversations around climate change with young people. One young person from our London Futures programme shared: “I want to know more about global warming because as a nation I think it’s very important for us to take more action and I want to live as long as possible.”

Whether it’s educating young people or listening to concerns that they have about the future of our planet, our charity hopes to engage with a growing number of young people through our Green Action Plan to make sure it has the greatest impact as possible.

The limitless potential of sport programmes and their ability to engage with targeted audiences, means that our coaching and delivery team have an incredible opportunity to educate the younger generation on the effects of climate change whilst keeping them active, fit and engaged.

We greatly look forward to exploring innovative ways to combine sport and environmental education together in the near future. Making The Change Foundation a greener and more sustainable charity will only benefit our team and the communities that we work with.

If you want to hear more about our Green Action Plan please contact .

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