Capturing Stories For Our 40th Anniversary Film

This month young people, families and coach mentors from our charity headed to the iconic Holborn Recording Studios to record our 40th Anniversary Film. The film celebrates the incredible stories of young people from across our charity and highlights the growing importance of our charity programmes 40-years on.

The young people shared stories around bereavement, knife crime, bullying, young motherhood and the daily challenges that they face. Although there were some nerves to begin with, the reassuring presence of family, coach mentors and friends allowed each young person to overcome any apprehension allowing everyone to share their inspiring  stories.

Upon arrival everyone was warmly greeted by a professional makeup up artist, who pampered them and made everyone feel confident and camera ready. Alyssa is one of the young people who will feature in the final film. She shared: “It felt like I was on a professional film set, the experience was so exciting and the highlight of my year so far!”

Alyssa was joined by her mum for her interview. Talking together they shared the eye-opening story of Alyssa’s early life as well as her experience with our charity and the impact our programmes have had on both of their lives.

In the days leading up to the filming, the young people were asked to send in photos of themselves during key stages of their early lives. These images were projected onto a huge screen behind them, which provided a breath-taking backdrop and transformed how each story was brought to life.

Our creative partners OurSecretLab made sure the film set looked phenomenal. Every detail was perfected, from the mood lighting down to the multiple camera angles that perfectly captured the emotions of every interviewee.

Our Communications Officer Anna was blown away by each inspiring interview. Anna shared: “We were incredibly fortunate to have such an incredible group of people volunteer themselves for this film… from start to finish it was a privilege to hear everyones inspiring stories.”

In total, eleven people featured in the film. The diversity of ages, ethnicities and genders represented within the film encapsulate how our charity has continued to support a growing diversity of young people over the past 40-years.

The film is set to release in March, and we cannot wait to share it with you. Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

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