West Lea Hit The Top Club – ‘Something to live for’

The West Lea Hit The Top Club has been running every other Saturday for the last eight years. Located in Edmonton, North London, the club runs two sessions, one for a Visually Impaired cricket team and the other a Learning Disability cricket team.

As the biggest and longest serving of all the Hit The Top Clubs (HTT), West Lea is passionately coached by The Change Foundation’s, James Wischhusen and originally was set up by West Lea School teachers, Val Harnett and Julie Whitear, who still volunteer at the club.

West Lea – ‘Something to live for’ – #HitTheTop10yrs

Welcoming and Inclusive – #HitTheTop10yrs
The West Lea Club continues to grow because each new young person who joins is made to feel very welcome and part of the team right from the start. They are always willing to come back because everyone is so friendly and gives a good vibe. West Lea play at lots of HTT competitions and during every club session they play amazing games, do some amazing drills and have amazing adventures together.

Over the eight years, the club’s success has been recognised through The Change Foundation’s Hit The Top awards by winning ‘School of the Year’ and ‘Club of the Year’. Val & Julie have been rightly rewarded for their dedicated work to West Lea as ‘Volunteers of the Year’. Many of the young people who attend have also been recognised as ‘Inspiring Young People’ to their peers, families, friends and others.

What it means to be a part of the West Lea HTT Club – Full version