VI Rugby Squad preparing for Japan

After two sets of trials at the end of February, a squad of players from across the UK has been picked to travel to Japan in October to play a series of matches showcasing Visually Impaired rugby.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 will be taking place in September and October all over the beautiful country of Japan, and alongside the tournament three teams of Visually Impaired athletes, representing Japan, New Zealand and the UK will be going head to head to show the world how far the sport of VI rugby has come in the 3 short years since its creation.

Following on from the first overseas trip in 2017 where a Lions team beat their All-black counterparts 3-0 in New Zealand, the UK-based squad will be travelling to Japan from 10th to 21st October and will face stern competition from the Japan team set up just a few months ago but already training hard, and an ever-improving New Zealand team. In London, The Change Foundation and Harlequins Foundation have been training a club team for 5 months including playing a demonstration match at Twickenham last December, and this partnership has formed the basis for the International squad, with others joining from around the country.

The squad are raring to go, and will be meeting up monthly from April to train in preparation for the trip. We’ll keep you updated of their progress. For more information about VI rugby, please contact Alex Bassan.