Words of tribute about Phillip Hughes of Australia

Here are few words of tribute about Phillip Hughes of Australia by
The Change Foundation’s Chief Execuitve

I spend a lot of my time talking about the power sport has to change lives, which is at the very heart of our charity’s work. So it’s been strange to explain to my two young daughters, who have just started playing cricket, how someone can die ‘having fun’, as they put it.

I’ve just heard that the first round of matches of the Blind Cricket World Cup in South Africa have been called off, mainly as a sign of respect to Phillip and his family but partly because no one is in really in the mood to play. We have five young players in the England Blind Cricket team who came through the charity and they were fit and focused and desperate to win a few days ago but are now thinking about life and friendships and sport in a slightly different way for a while.

Once the whistle blows or the umpire says ‘play’, we mere mortals live our lives vicariously through our sporting heroes and for a few hours can enjoy the thrill of their invincibility knowing that we are immune from real harm.

We don’t expect our sporting heroes to let us down, let alone die playing the sport we all love and the shock of seeing Phil hit by that bouncer will stay with many of us who love cricket, for a very long time.

I’ve just seen the simple but wonderful tribute film to Phil Hughes put together by Cricket Australia. I didn’t know Phil but he was clearly a great bloke – two simple words that in the competitive world of sport, are perhaps a players greatest accolade.

I don’t mind admitting that I shed a tear watching it.

The thoughts and prayers of everybody involved with The Change Foundation are very much with the Hughes family and Australian cricket.  #PutOutYourBats