Three Blokes, a Ball, and Bod

On Thursday 6th December, TCF ambassador Ian McKinley and Head of Training and Development, Alex Bassan, were invited onto the Three Blokes, a Ball, and Bod chat show, run by Joe Sheppard.  Three Blokes, a Ball, and Bod is a weekly chat show, live on Facebook, all about rugby, and if you like rugby you should check it out.

Alex has been on before, but on this occasion he was joined by our wonderful ambassador for Visually Impaired Rugby, Ian McKinley. For those who do not know Ian’s history, we won’t give away too much from the show, but after a promising career at Leinster was cut short when he lost all sight in his left eye aged 20, he made a miraculous comeback 4 years later in Italian club rugby. Watch the show to find out the rest and hear about how he got involved with TCF. Watch it here.

Expertly hosted by Joe, this a rare opportunity to really get some deeper knowledge about our work and one of the inspirational stars that we work with. You’ll also get to find out whether Alex prefers Venice or Brighton…

If you are interested in talking to Alex about Visually Impaired Rugby then get in touch with him here.

You can follow Ian on Twitter here.