This is a Dan’s World episode1 – The 24-hour life 

What is the issue?

In recent years, we have really seen a boom in the rise of social media and it has now become such a big part of most of our lives.

A knock-on effect this has on people can be drastic, as some of the population think that they have to stay connected to their social media 24 hours a day. This can create a lot of stress for people as they want to stay relevant in the eyes of the public, which in turn can lead to the development of panic attacks, illnesses, lack of sleep and in some extreme cases even death.

How does The Change Foundation tackle this issue?

The Change Foundation uses the sport of Netball to work on this issue though Netball 4 Change. N4C is a 10 week programme focussing on the different areas of social media,  aiming to teach the young people we work with about social media and not only the good, but also the pressures that can come from it being your 24 hour life. There are many benefits, but it is also important to take breaks.

What changes have we seen on young people that take part in Netball 4 Change?

Young people are more confident when talking in a group.

Young people are acting more mature with their use of social media.

Young people having a reduction in hours spent on social media.

What a Young person from netball 4 Change had to say had to say?

“It feels like I have to be on social media all the time or I feel like I am going to miss out and will not be able to stay up to date with my friends.”

What coach mentor Shedaine Henry had to say?

“From my perspective, social media’s effect on the youth is that it has put pressure on stuff that is not realistic for both genders especially females, they often think that what they see online is how society goes, There is also a lot of peer pressure for on-trend styles as well as friend groups, meaning the popular group or the one that has the most followers are the lit group, in addition, they are often attracted to those that are always causing social media drama. From a male perspective, this is mainly focused on postcode discrimination and incentives gangs like money and lavish lifestyles.”

What do I think about the social issue?

On reflection, when looking at this topic, social media is just social media to me. But for others this really matters, sometimes a bit too much, so let’s look out for our fellow human beings and remind them to take breaks from this 24-hour life.

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