TCF leads in supporting youth at risk

TCF has once again been shown to be at the forefront of supporting young people, both at risk of exclusion, and those involved in violence. We have been invited to be part of the Mayor of London’s new Youth Violence Steering Group that discusses serious youth crime with the intention of finding solutions. The group consists of representatives from 20 organisations the mayor previously funded through the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund Sport Unites programme. Each organisation also have a young representative who occupy an equal seat at the discussion table and play a key role in coordinating the work of the group.

At the first meeting of the steering group there were great contributions from all in attendance and we are sure that it will help make London move in the right direction. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “The organisations that I have brought together today are already making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of young people in our city.”

Read more in this article in The Standard.

In addition, a group of young people and staff came together at the request of Berkeley Foundation in late July to discuss the root causes of serious youth crime and to discuss the impact of school exclusion. The young people made some insightful comments, including dismissing the knife crime ‘points system’ and talking about the exaggeration of media headlines, both encapsulated neatly in this article in The Sun. When asked what advice they would give their younger self they said:

–          Take every opportunity even if you don’t like it, try it.

–          Don’t be too stressed, enjoy it.

–          Set yourself goals and smash them.

–          Learn to budget.

–          Be open-minded.

–          Don’t waste learning.

–          Value your time with friends, it changes.

–          Ask for help, don’t worry and don’t be afraid.

–          Speak up and say ‘Help me don’t punish me’.

–          Stay in school. You think you don’t want to but later you will wish you stayed.

If you or your organisation would like to collaborate with us on supporting young people, then please get in touch with Navjeet Sira.