TCF Impact Report 2018

July saw the release of our latest Impact Report, giving a window into the work that we have completed over the last year in our key areas of tackling Youth Unemployment, Poor Mental Health, Knife Crime and Violence, Lack of Direction, and Loneliness.

Read it here to get the full picture, but below you can find a few key findings:

Improved employability
In 2017 TCF helped 1066 marginalised young people (aged 15 – 26) develop the skills to build careers, 219 of these young people are now in employment. Watch this short news item on BBC Scotland to see the sort of issue we are overcoming.

Increased resilience
70% of TCF Coach Mentors have lived experience that helps vulnerable young people
identify coping mechanisms they can implement in their lives to develop a growth mind-set.

Listen to “Black Girls Don’t Cry” to understand why lived experience is so useful in our work:

Reduced prevalence of crime and knife carry
In 2017 91% of TCF young people reported that regular sport and activity combined with continued access to intense mentoring reduced their involvement with negative influences and improved their understanding of the consequences of knife crime on families in the community and on themselves. Have a read of the following article to understand just how important this is to the young people we work with:

Reduced isolation
293 TCF young people volunteered on local projects during 2017 helping young people feel part of their communities, develop new friendship networks and find a safe space to express themselves.

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