Street20 Academy is Go! 

We are very proud to announce that our new cricket programme, Street20 Academy, is up and running.  In September our Cricket Centre in South London played host to 5 teams from across the country in a 2 day programme of workshops and tournaments, all with the aim of inspiring young people to use cricket for good in their communities.

Funded by the JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation, the Street20 Academy is a vehicle for social change, allowing young people from very different backgrounds, and with very different experiences, to share knowledge, get to know how other people look at various part of life, learn some new skills and then use cricket as a force for good back in thier local communities.

Day 1 saw the start of the cricket competition. We use tapeball cricket, a form of the game that is accessible to anyone with a small piece of ground and something to use as a bat.  The ball is a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape so that it behaves more like a cricket ball when bowled and can both swing in the air and spin off the ground.  The matches are 6-a-side, very short, 20 balls per innings (hence the name Street20) and everyone bar the wicketkeeper has to bowl, meaning that you definitely get involved in the game.  When playing two games in a row, the batting order is reversed to ensure everyone also gets to bat.

Alongside the cricket tournament we began the workshops, including cricket coaching, personal development and using cricket for good in the local community. We also ran workshops around a number of transferable skills to help young people run the community cricket projects, such as leadership, teamwork, and communication.

Day 2 saw finals day, where the tournament drew to a close, with the team from Stratford in East London Bradford, from Yorkshire. We also ran a postcards for the future session, where the young people wrote down goals for both their cricket and their personal development. They have three months to make progress before the postcards are sent back to them to see how far they have come towards achieving their goals.

All in all it was a fantastic couple of days where the young people came away with a qualification as a Sports Leader. We look forward to visiting the regions in the coming months to see how their projects are developing and provide tailored training to each group as needed.

We will also shortly start recruiting young people for Street20 Academy 2020 as we look to expand over the coming years. We feel there is a gap in hearing from young people around cricket for good and hope that Street20 Academy can provide them with a voice.  We will be taking the project all over the UK and plan for Street20 Academy to be the project which gives young people the voice to talk about how they can use cricket for good in their communities.

To find out more about Street20 Academy please get in touch with Henry Glynn.