New faces!

New faces!

It’s always lovely to have new people at TCF, and this month we’d like to introduce you to two new faces! Elle and Dean join our team of expert coach mentors to drive our programmes forward this year and into the future.  They are already out on the streets recruiting for programmes and delivering sessions, but we grabbed them both for a few minutes to find out a bit more about what makes them tick.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and Dean and Elle have some different experience in their backgrounds.  Dean worked for 14 years at the BBC, and while I have to admit I didn’t fully understand his job, if it was a physical item then it didn’t come into or out of the BBC without Dean’s say so!  Meanwhile, Elle studied Sport and Teaching at St. Mary’s University. What unites them is a passion for football, Elle is a passionate Fulham fan, while Dean’s heart is with Arsenal.  I think we just about have a full set of London’s clubs in the office now. They both also have a good deal of coaching experience under their belts, with Elle working in the USA and Dean coaching his son’s Under 16 team.

Dean’s energies are going to be concentrated on Street Elite in the immediate future, and with recruitment well underway for this year’s cohorts, 2020 looks like the best year yet!  Elle’s time is going to be split between Netball4Change and Girls Win, two programmes in the midst of expansion. They are going to have their work cut out for them, so what do they do when not helping the most disadvantaged young people in London. Aside from the football, Elle likes… well… other sports. She plays Netball for Oxshott and Rugby for Epsom and Sutton, and Dean? You’ll find him in the gym, and when he’s not working out, he’s a big movie buff.

Finally, what changes would they like to see in the world? We don’t employ people who think small, and this shows as Dean wants to end world hunger and Elle is keen to keep seeing an increase in gender equality in sport and coaching. Great goals guys, go get ‘em!

A huge welcome to both of our new members of staff, and I’m sure from our extended community as well.  If you’d like to drop Dean or Elle a welcome message then please do.