Lets Rise And Dance4Change #HAITI

Our Dance4Change programme young women and girls have been dancing until their hearts content for two hours every Monday at the Lyric theatre and Wednesday evening at the Islington Arts Factory. They move to have fun, be the best that they can be and to come together as #YoungWomenWhoRock.

During October and November, the participants in Dance4Change have dedicated their dance practice to Haiti, Haitians. At the beginning of October this year, there was a hurricane, known as Hurricane Matthew, which was the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade. Over its history, Haiti has experienced a multitude of natural disasters. Despite being one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources statistics state that 80% of Haitians live in Poverty.

Dance4Change have recognised this and are doing their part in helping the people move forwards. But like everything this is a two-way street, Haitians reistance, unity, courage and spirit has shaped the world we live in today. Let’s not forget The Haitian Revolution led by the great Toussaint Louverture.

We have chosen two Haitian born community organisations that you can donate to should you wish. Sakala Haiti & The Cite Soleil Peace Prize. We will leave you with some words from the founder of The Cite Soleil Peace Prize, Louino Robillard.

“I decided to take a stand and do what I could to support the incredible young men and women in my community. I launched the Cite Soleil Peace Prize, an annual initiative to honor ordinary young people that are doing extroadinary things to make life better for their neighborhoods in Cite Soleil. I want the world to recognise the potential in our community and I want our young people to recognise the potential in themselves.”

You see when we rise and Dance4Change we are highlighting that in fact we are all the same. ‘When we rise and move for other people they rise and move with us’.


Please email celestinabanjo@thechangefoundation.org.uk for more information about donating to:



Dance4Change is back on Monday 9th January 2017 at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith between 6:30pm-8:30pm and on Sunday 15th January 2017 at the Islington Arts Factory between 11:30am-1:30pm.

If you want to join Dance4Change or would like to recommend a young lady who would be awesome for the movement do drop an email to celestinabanjo@thechangefoundation.org.uk

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