In it together with ‘We Are Change’

The Change Foundation has teamed up with Muslim Hands to create the very first ‘We Are Change’ campaign.  Since the outbreak of conflict in Syria in 2011 over 2 million children have become refugees. Meanwhile, the 2014 conflict in Gaza killed more than 500 children. ‘We Are Change’ will seek to help these children get back the childhood that was so cruelly taken from them. 

The campaign which is being led by Muslim Hands, will help provide specialised psycho-social support delivered through sporting activities with The Change Foundation being involved in the production and creation of tailor made sporting support activities for children in difficult situations.  Too many of these children have witnessed unimaginable horrors and unprecedented levels of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression and need immediate psycho-social care.

Anyone interested in getting involved are asked to visit the Muslim Hands We Are Change’ website and see how to get their friends, family members, work mates and neighbours involved and help provide care to vulnerable children.

Fundraisers can choose from 5 sporting activities from running, skipping, bouncing to playing cricket and football.

Together, we can make a difference!