Freindship & Fun at 1st Hit The Top Sports Day

This summer at the Cricket Centre in Wallington, The Change Foundation hosted the first ever ‘Hit the Top Sports Day’ which involved the young people on the ‘Hit the Top’ programmes competing against their parents.

David Smith, Development Coach, welcomed everyone with a short introduction about ‘Hit the Top Sports Day’ was going to be all about.

David also introduced everyone to three very special guests who would be helping out for the day, retro 90s goal keeper Derek Silverwood, retro 90s tennis player Boris Pullan and ‘infamous’ ‘Merv’ Wischhusen of Essex.

Before the day got started with what was going to be such an exciting day, an ice breaker was completed to get everybody in the spirit for today and to talk about ‘What does Hit the Top mean to you’. From observing these conversations, below are some of the things the young people and parents said about Hit the Top:

“Hit The Top lets me have friends and have fun”    (Thomas Carabine)

“I love meeting new people and playing cricket and if I didn’t go to the club I would just stay at home”     (Lewis Pain)

“Blind Cricket gives my son David the confidence and opportunity to do things he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do”      (Siobhan Fawdrey)

“I like Hit The Top because it gives my son confidence and I have seen my son grow with each session” – (Siobhan Fawdrey)

After the icebreaker all the parents and young people were split off into 7 groups to take part in the 7 exciting activities – Derek Silverwood’s Penalty Shoot-out, The Iron Mike Challenge, a Boxing Challenge, Boris Pullan’s Tennis Challenge, a Rugby Challenge and Merv Wischhusen’s ‘Hit a 6’ cricket Challenge.

2014-08-27 00.17.35

At each station points were awarded to each individual for their efforts and their success at completing the tasks. The more points you gained, the closer you would be to winning!

At the end of the 7 sporting activities which all the groups had taken part in, it was time to tally up all the points and produce 3 winners. The 3 winners were the people who had accumulated the most points throughout the 7 activities.

Impact Hub
This was a time when groups could relax from doing some sports and have a huge impact into some discussions around ‘Hit the Top’. One main question that we asked the parents and young people was what they thought the values of ‘Hit the Top’ were. Their answers included: Friendship; The love of sport; Feeling & building confident; Social network; Freedom and independence; Equality; Acceptance; Learning new things and Fun

All of these winners received a box of chocolates and will be given sets of tickets each to go and watch a live county cricket match during the 2014/15 season.

Parent Winner- Christine Kipling
Over 18 Winner- Scott Harvey
Under 18 Winner- Lewis Pain

2014-08-27 02.57.06

2014-08-27 02.56.09

Huge thanks to all the TCF staff but more importantly to the parents and young people for taking time out of their summer holiday to attend this day. It was a really great day and we look forward to next year!