En Garde! TCF go Fencing

TCF have new consultancy clients in British Fencing.  Fencing is an incredibly versatile sport, well suited to sport for social change, with a great balance between the mental and the physical and suitable for everyone.  For those looking for a pathway to elite sport, there is also the option to follow in the footsteps of Richard Kruse, current World number 1 male in the foil discipline.

Initially we will be working with the team at British Fencing to deliver 4 sessions facilitating the development of their new fencing for good strategy.  We have started with a workshop focusing on sport for social change workshop to get the creative thinking going and will progress from here.

Additionally, our coaching team have already started to learn about the sport, completing the Sabre Lite training course. This means we are qualified to deliver beginner level fencing sessions with both plastic and metal equipment and can certify young people with bronze (plastic) and silver (metal) fencing awards if they complete 8 weeks of basic training with each type of equipment.

We are very excited to start this relationship and look forward to a bright future together.  Find out more about our consultancy services.