BBC Youth Audience Event

Every graduate from one of The Change Foundation’s programmes becomes a part of “The Change Foundation Alumni”.  This is an exciting prospect for the young people forming part of the group, since they are offered mentoring, and opportunities for work experience, jobs, training, and a whole host of other opportunities and fun events.  It is also helpful to The Change Foundation as the alumni provide peer mentoring, motivational talks and co-ordination of focus groups that design new programmes for other young people.


On the 8th October one of these events took place as we took recent Generation STORM graduates to attend BBC’s Youth Audience event held at the Royal College of Nursing. The day was aimed at focusing on what the youth did in their daily lives and what types of different media they use.

The day started off with a few ice breakers within the teams, so everyone felt more at ease. Each team was then paired up with two BBC representatives who spoke with us to find out our thoughts on various things such as what device we watch media on to what platform they preferred to use. Many of those in attendance used similar streaming services to watch their shows on so overall the BBC representatives felt like they received a good amount of information to work with.

After our introductory tasks we spoke with the professionals about their current BBC programs and how they can include the youth more within their future ones. Many in attendance felt like young people from underprivileged backgrounds were underrepresented compared to some of their competitors. Things such as closing down the BBC 3 channel and cutting back budgets for shows aimed at the young audience made many feel like that had no choice but to divert their attention elsewhere.

Once this was wrapped up, we then moved on to a few fun games and friendly contest. One of them being a competition in teams where we had to come up with a pitch for a short series that can be streamed, uploaded and turned into a podcast through their BBC Sounds app. One of our staff members ended up winning with all 4 judges on the panel (including BBC Radio 1’s Luke Francs) agreeing that the pitch was directed towards the target audience and entertaining.

Overall, it was a fun interactive day which inspired the young people who were in attendance with us to network with professionals, ask relevant questions and  start applying for jobs within the media industry which they previously thought were unobtainable.


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