A tribute to Graeme Porteous

It was with enormous sadness that we heard the news of the death of our great friend, Graeme Porteous.   Graeme died in an avalanche whilst skiing with his friends.

Graeme played a central role in the development of our Rugby for Change partnership with the Dallaglio Foundation and through this role became our friend.


We all knew that Graeme was a very successful businessman but he also had a natural empathy and respect for the work our team were doing with some of our most at risk and vulnerable young people.

He never said, ‘I know best’, although he probably did, but instead always tried to help us all be as good as we could be.

We left our meetings with him with a spring in our step and a smile on our faces but we also left them a little wiser and a little more focused.

We are truly shocked that we won’t be seeing Graeme again and our charity is much the poorer for his passing.

In his heart he wanted to help children and young people fulfil their potential and he thought using rugby as the vehicle to achieve this was a great way to do it.

Our sadness will now be channelled into making our Rugby for Change programme the best it can be and this programme will now be run in Graeme’s memory and as part of his rugby legacy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all his family & friends at this time.

The Porteous family have set up a donation page in Graeme’s memory for people to support a cause he was truly dedictaed to. Should you wish to donate please follow this link