A Tribute to ‘AJ’

We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of Adrian St John, who captained The Chris Gayle Academy London. Known to us fondly as ‘AJ’, Adrian was on holiday in Trinidad when he was the victim of an armed robbery.


‘AJ’ – ‘He just loved to play cricket’
Captain of The Chris Gayle Academy London

AJ was a popular and influential member of the Chris Gayle Academy. He formed part of the UK squad which we took to Jamaica for the launch of the Chris Gayle Academy in Kingston in 2013 and was a key part of the touring party. AJ had such a positive effect on others around him. With that infectious positive energy, he had the ability to make people laugh and smile at will.

As a graduate of Hertfordshire University in History & Philosophy, AJ developed into a very promising cricketer playing at various club sides in Surrey. He will be deeply missed. Our hearts and minds go out to all of Adrian’s family and friends at this terrible time.

A tribute from his team mates

Donovan Miller, Programme Manager for The Chris Gayle Foundation, said: “I’m really finding it hard to come to terms with it, how someone could do something like that to such a lovely person.”

He said Mr St John was one of the first members of the Chris Gayle Academy in London, adding: “He wanted me to support him to go to the Caribbean and to kind of push hard with his cricket.”

The Chris Gayle Foundation aims to “improve access to good-quality education, training and employment for at-risk young people in Jamaica and the UK”.

The cricket academies it runs offer young people a chance to play matches “as a focus for the development of their communication skills, teamwork and collective pride in their achievements”.