Train to lead, lead to Change

The Change Foundation’s youth leadership programme Team Habana has gone global! South African rugby legend Bryan Habana is delighted to officially start the programme in Cape Town, South Africa to bring hope and unity to communities through training young leaders.

“This is really special for me being South African and loving my country as much as I do, despite all the problems we face. To be here and see first-hand the start of the programme and the young leaders development in just three days during this initial training and to see how the young leaders have grabbed this opportunity with both hands and are prepared and willing to take whatever came their way; it makes me very proud. I’m delighted to be here with from the very start.

For me being South African and being passionate about my country and wanting to make a change, I’m a little bit emotional about the programme because it is so special. I had an idea and concept in my mind of how I could give back and I thought it’s easy to give out rugby balls to kids in the communities and never be seen again, but now I know that in a meaningful way we are creating relationships with people to give true hope that possibly wasn’t there before which is what I want to do.

I want all the young leaders to understand how they are all unique individuals with their unique Team Habana number no other will have in the country. Through the process they will understand their strengths and weaknesses and will see the power of being in a team where we can use our strengths and support each other’s weaknesses. As a leader this is something they will need to understand because it’s easy to say stuff, but to actually give someone that ability to reach new heights, that can be unbelievable.

So I’m excited to follow the journey of the first eight young leaders recruited to Team Habana South Africa, they are the first and have the responsibility to set the standards for others to follow. As a proud South African I believe these young leaders have the ability to change their communities for the better and I’m looking forward to the journey.”

Bryan is welcoming supporters and sponsors for the programme in the UK and South Africa, if you wish to give back and join our journey contact .